Increasing TB diagnosis through use of Truenat technology

Truenat is a molecular diagnostic equipment developed by Molbio Diagnostics, Goa, India. It uses portable, battery operated devices to rapidly detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex bacteria (MTBC) and rifampicin resistance. The system involves two main devices; The Trueprep™ AUTO Sample Prep Device and the Truelab™ Real Time micro PCR Analyzer. Truenat is seen as a promising new TB diagnostic tool since it’s more sensitive and specific than microscopy, has minimal infrastructure requir...
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Adjustment in Operations at Uganda NTRL/SRL during the COVID-19 Threat Period

Download Uganda NTRL-SRL COVID Memo March 2020 The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic which is rapidly spreading across many countries including Uganda. This therefore compelled the government of Uganda to institute necessary measures to control the spread of the virus and keep all Ugandans safe. The NTRL wishes to continue with service delivery as well as ensuring that all Presidential directives and Ministry of Health guidelines are strictly adhered to for the safety of all...
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Discussion: Considerations for and continuity of tuberculosis (TB) care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Following release of the World Health Organization (WHO) Information Note on considerations for tuberculosis (TB) care during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Uganda NTRL / WHO SRL Kampala organised and modulated a Zoom teleconference with laboratory managers and other laboratory staff to discuss the new guideline issued by WHO on considerations for TB care during the COVID-19 pandemic.The teleconference took place on Thursday, 9th April 2020 at 11:00am East Africa Time (EAT), and was attended by...
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