Adjustment in Operations at Uganda NTRL/SRL during the COVID-19 Threat Period

Download Uganda NTRL-SRL COVID Memo March 2020

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic which is rapidly spreading across many countries including Uganda. This therefore compelled the government of Uganda to institute necessary measures to control the spread of the virus and keep all Ugandans safe.

The NTRL wishes to continue with service delivery as well as ensuring that all Presidential directives and Ministry of Health guidelines are strictly adhered to for the safety of all. In this regard the Uganda NTRL/SRL will be working with reduced workforce at any given point in time – as part of the safety precautions.

Therefore, the adjustments in operations may affect the Results’ Turn Around Time (TAT) across all the tests offered at the NTRL/SRL. This implies that clients’ result reports dispatch is anticipated to take longer than our standard stipulated times, during this entire period.
We kindly request all to bear with this temporary arrangement and assure you that when the situation gets back to normal, communication will be sent out to that effect. We will keep you updated.

We apologize for any inconvenience. STAY SAFE!

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